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bunion exercises youtube

There are many videos available on YouTube that demonstrate exercises for bunion relief. You can find exercises that target the big toe and exercises that focus on the muscles and tendons around the bunion. Here are a few examples of exercises you may find:

  1. Toe stretches: These exercises involve moving your toes up and down, or side to side, to help increase flexibility and reduce pain.

  2. Toe Strengthening: These exercises involve using a resistance band or a small ball to help strengthen the muscles in your toes and foot.

  3. Toe Mobilization: These exercises involve using your hands to gently move your toes in different directions to help increase range of motion and reduce pain.

  4. Foot and Ankle Strengthening: these exercises target the muscles around the ankle, which can help improve balance and stability.

Keep in mind that it's important to be supervised by a physical therapist or a podiatrist, even if you are following videos, to ensure that you are performing the exercises correctly and safely. Also, if you are experiencing pain, it's best to check with a doctor before starting any exercises.