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toe spacers pointe shoes

Pointe shoes are specialized shoes worn by ballet dancers, which have a hard box at the tip of the toe to support the dancer while performing on the tips of their toes. Toe spacers, also known as toe separators, are devices that are placed between the toes to help align them and relieve pain and discomfort caused by conditions such as hammertoes, overlapping toes, and bunions.

It's not common for ballet dancers to use toe spacers while wearing pointe shoes as the shoes are specifically designed to support the toes and align them correctly. However, some dancers who have specific foot conditions may use them to alleviate pain or discomfort.

It's important to consult a medical professional, such as a podiatrist, before using toe spacers, especially if you have any underlying health conditions or if you are recovering from a foot surgery or injury. They should be used under the supervision of a medical professional and a dance teacher, who will be able to advise on the best way to use them while performing.