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bunion heels

High heels can contribute to the development of bunions (Hallux valgus) and may also exacerbate existing bunions. High heels put pressure on the front of the foot, which can cause the big toe joint to shift out of place and create a bony bump. High heels can also cause the foot to slide forward in the shoe, which can cause the toes to become cramped and lead to hammertoes.

It is best to avoid wearing high heels if you have bunions or are at risk of developing them. Instead, opt for shoes that have a low heel and a wide toe box, which will provide more room for the toes and reduce pressure on the bunion. If you must wear heels, try to limit the amount of time you spend in them and opt for lower heels when possible.

Consulting with a podiatrist, who can give you more specific advice on how to manage and prevent bunion formation and progression, is a good idea.